part 1.5: anniversary unmanifesto

it’s been a long year, huh?

one of us got covid like four days after our last post (he’s better now.) one of us moved across the country (they’re better now.) we’ve both been dealing with physical and mental health problems, exacerbated by our questionable home ergonomics and inability to ever change scenery, that have been slowing us down (we know we’re not alone.)

we’re still here, though, and we’re still working.

we took meetings with some folks working in the same space we were working in, but with fewer resources and more revolutionary politics, and we look forward to seeing what they come up with, so we changed our business plan slightly to give them some more space to grow.

we are absolutely still on our bullshit. we’ve watched people get run through the wringer by a whole new crop of scams premised on the idea that they’re revolutionary platforms that will free creative people forever1. more happily, we’ve also watched a bunch of folks — even some at companies with VC funding! — agree about our assessment of some of the things we think are broken about the practice of industrial software development.

we hope to have something more substantial to show off in the next few months — and we’ve definitely got more to say, but it’s all about nitty-gritty business operation and philosophy details that feel too self-indulgent to post before we actually have a web site you can click on.

we have enough cash on hand to work through 2021 at our current projections; we might also be able to get additional funding beyond that, but we’re hoping to ship something by the time we need to pass the hat again.

at the very least we’re gonna give you a couple more blog posts about Our Incredible Journey when we run out of runway, as is our right as cofounders.

<3, colin & jae

  1. against all odds, this is not exclusively a subtweet of NFTs