meet the team!

colin bayer

founding member & co-owner • @vogon

at the end of the day, Colin is just some doofus who fell in love with computers when he was like 4. after a shaky upbringing, he managed to get himself together enough to finish degrees in computer science and linguistics at the University of Washington. he started his first job at Microsoft the day Bear Stearns went bankrupt and worked happily until his fourth reorg. then he returned to his alma mater to make computer games that help crowdsource scientific work until constantly chasing grant money got to him. he lives in Seattle with a couple friends of his, in a rented house made 75% out of staircases.

jae kaplan

founding member & co-owner • @jkap

jae is a software engineer who has been trying to leave the tech industry since 2015 and has finally failed at that by starting their own tech company. they are a two-time college dropout and two-time startup founder (the first was called “[T]he Worst Kickstarter” by gawker, the second is this). they have worked at Apple and Square, but their proudest professional achievement is that time they worked on a giant robot vending machine that sat in the lobby of an NYC Best Buy. they live in tallahassee, florida, with their wife and their cat, bradley.

aidan grealish

member • @aerialshading

aidan is a designer who was planning on being a doctor until she came to her senses and got an art degree instead. she spent a few years making educational games for big fancy tech companies that she’s legally not allowed to name, but promises are very cool and impressive. following that, she had a brief adventure in the world of “electronic sports” but now happily pushes pixels for assc and various indie games. she lives in portland in a neighborhood full of dogs that she knows all the names of, but you can usually find her at the intersection of art and technology.

bradley daniel kaplan

chief bradley consultant

bradley is a very handsome boy whom we all love very much. his hobbies include sprinting around the house, eating wet food, and trying to open doors. he lives with his mom jae in tallahassee, florida.

bio headshots by samantha carter